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Welcome to the Indiana Business Center!

I am glad you have chosen to visit and hope you will return frequently and help me to build this free and open community of and for the businesses and people of Indiana.

Why create the Indiana Business Center?  Quite simply… I am not aware of a web site dedicated to building an online community in Indiana where all are welcome and free to discuss anything that relates to doing business in Indiana.  Taken broadly, there is nothing that does not effect business in Indiana… please do not hesitate to discuss anything. Also, I feel there is a need to provide an online community especially for small businesses in Indiana that may not have a significant, or any, online presence currently.

Initially, I have designed the site with a “blog” side and a “forum” side.  The blog is of course written by me and, if I find suitable authors, may feature guest bloggers in the future.  The forum is intended to be a “free fire” zone wherein you may discuss any topic you desire.

In the forum, I envision discussions concerning government regulation, taxation, employer/employee relations, how to find the proper employee, how to find the proper web site developer and hosting, and a multitude of other subjects that you deem worthy of discussion.  I also hope we can build a job and resume database.  If there is a good response to this idea, I will likely create a special section apart from the forum for this purpose.

I foresee adding sections other than the blog and forum section.  Perhaps there will be a video section and a section for other resources.  At this point, that it open to determination by where you want us to go… the journey and the destination are yet to be determined by you.

Please maintain civility and decorum in your discussions. As an effort on my part toward that end, registration (free!) will be required to post comments and initiate topics, but guests may read the posts.

Thank you,



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